A Letter To a word to a sentence Created into a Verse

I wish i could be the one you could go to

but i can’t open up because of what I’ve gone through

please never ask for my help because i can’t help you

you think you don’t deserve me but its me who don’t deserve you

You always come to me and say

is it because of the wrong choice i have made

but i always reply with no, i just put you through my pain

it would be wrong of me, cause you already got enough on your plate

You know i have to speak my mind

plus you know i am only honest within my rhymes

your the only one who knows me, that i can’t deny

your perfect in every way your just to nice

You wouldn’t be able to handle my past

and i ain’t going to be the reason to make you sad

i can’t say the three words cause that’s who i am

you probably heard it all before, i’m just a messed up man


But maybe in another time or in another place

or in another life or in another day

i just can’t take part in this game

your more than a piece on a board you should never be played


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