The Writer

Once their was a forty year old man, who on his fortieth birthday was giving a wrapped up shoe box as a present by his close friends and family. Inside the shoe box were objects of his life, as he went through each object individually, each would bring back a memory, from his first zippo lighter what was giving to him by his friend for his eighteenth birthday, as he turned it over he noticed the engraving his friend has put onto the zippo lighter all those years ago, which read, ‘Dreams are for living not just for your pillow,’ which brought a small tear to the man’s eye as he was reminiscing on all the dreams he had a child. The man continued to rummage through the shoe box of memories, finding all different objects such as a picture of his first girl friend which made every body in the room have a little chuckle. As Time went one the kept digging up old memories what brought a mixture of emotions to the table from laughter to small tears, to tears of joy with the feeling of regret. Finally it came down to one object left in the box, and when the man caught his eye onto the object, he sat back in his chair, as if he had forgotten all about the object. It was as if all the repressed memories he had, had suddenly hit a spring board in his mind and rose to the surface at the same time with a long deep breath the man put his hand into the shoe box, to bring out a small black book. Everyone looked at each other with confused blank faces, all saying without words, ‘What is that and how did it get in the shoe box,’ As one of the man’s friends reached out to grab the little black book, apologizing saying, ‘I don’t know how that got in there,’ But the man quickly pulled the little black book and backed it to his chest, which made his friend react by retracting back into his chair, with anticipation and confusion written all over his face wondering what was so important and interesting about the little black book. The Man who was the owner of the book looked up at everyone and said this book is full of all the stories i wrote when i was younger, would you like to hear them…? 



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