The Price of Free Will

Now a days people think of free will as second nature, and take it for granted, but what would we do if are free will was taken away. Because people just abuse it, however we would be able to have the chance to earn it. So that way we would appreciate our free will.

Paying for it with proving ourselves to some higher power, who control everything in the world. Would that be such a bad thing? Because these days people want everything for nothing, then get angry and blame others when they don’t get anything and everything, say their life so hard. But its the majority of those people who are criminals or people on benefits. 

People who are living in this era can earn more from doing nothing, how can this be allowed, because of a flawed system? Maybe but its those people who complain about the system the most. They’re loop holes in everything so they’re only complaining that they haven’t found them all. 

It is just terrible that people actually look on the government benefit system as a career. I mean if it actually did work the way  it was supposed to, then it would be great helping people get back on their feet. But again people took it for granted and now they are taking it away, your having riots and protest for civil rights.

I remember when people used to come to this country because they wanted to make a life for themselves and work hard and achieve well. But now people come to this country to sponge off the state and bring more criminal activities to this country. Maybe once it was nice to be a multi cultural country now I am starting to have my doubts because people are taking it for granted and it isn’t fair for your average Joe working his fingers to the bone to find out some one is sitting on their lazy ass complaining the government isn’t giving them enough money even though they probably could be earning more than average Joe. 


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