The Million Pound Paper Clip

They told me I was crazy, doing mission impossible, wow they were wrong. This story starts when I was homeless and broke all i had to my name was a paper clip, and this man came up to me and said where are you going to be in five years time, I told him that i’ll be a millionaire, he walked off saying, under his breath, ‘stupid junkie,’ But I carried on with my plan and walked up to many people and asked them to trade my paperclip for a eraser, finally some accepted the trade, so then i went to some else for a pencil and with enough persuasion, i successfully did another trade, and went straight to the next trade what was to get a pen. As time went on i traded the pen for a notebook, then again for a novel, to some headphones, to a mp 3 player to an iPod, to small laptop for a television, then to some high class speakers, then exchanging then for a games console, continuing to a old retro moped, sold to a antique dealer and traded it for an old banger car, with good progress i bumped into the same man who called me a stupid junkie and i said to him, might be less than five years now, as i continued my quest i traded my car for a classic camper van, then traded again for an mobile home, then again for a small part of land, leading to exchange the land for a small house. Selling the house for a small office for an office in the center of town and a bag of children’s toys, then i started selling the toys to people on the street earning a bit of money and i got noticed again by the same man i met around six months ago who called me a junkie. He asked me how my millionaire dream was coming along, so i sat down with him and told my story to him. Then it turned out that he was a business man who ran a sales company and gave me a job in his company because he was impressed with my story, he wanted me to manage a campaign for him, and said i started Monday. Three years later there was a business meeting and the man who hired me asked me to tell me my story on the million pound paper clip as he handed me my Christmas bonus with six figures on the pay slip.


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