2 am thinking time

So… Here we are, another night where sleep is impossible, where everyone has only one thought on their mind, which is, ‘Why can’t I sleep?’ They’ve tried everything from counting sheep to taking medication. But I have an alliterative I believe that people who can’t sleep and when we look at the clock and it reads 2 am we should get a pen and pad, put on our headphones, with are favorite music on, then stat writing about anything, just let the pen flow, because for the people who try this will come to a cross road it will either make you tired and you will fall asleep or you will be inspired to do something, from creating something and making a plan or you will be inspired to change your lifestyle for the better. It’s a win, win situation. Picture it like this when you use your keys and you really need them you can never find them, but when you don’t need them you find them down the sofa whilst you are watching television. now relating it to the, ‘2 am Thinking Time Theory,’ When your not looking for anything, you find everything, your almost living your dreams, so the awake sleep you could become inspired to achieve greatness. I believe we are at are most focusing ability when we are not focusing on what we actually want. Many great discoveries have been found by accident. Don’t believe me? Next time you can’t sleep and you look at your bedside clock and you see it is 2 am, pick up a pen and pad or log on to your computer and open a word document and either prove me wrong or let the truth unfold right in front of you. The Main reason i believe why we find greatness by accident is because we know what we want or need, so the metaphoric seed is planted in our minds and sometimes the crops what grow produce the unexpected … Just something to think about …


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