Second Choice

What is it that is humanly programmed into our system, that always without doubt making some one in our life a Second Choice. We can lead some one making them believe they are the closest thing to us, let be, friendship, a relationship or even a family member. We always place people in an order, for example you could have a best friend that you always hang out with, but then one day they are not around and you do not want to be alone because we as humans like company. We chose a Second Choice, a different person, that we string along with us almost like a back up plan. And one does not know how it feels until it happens to themselves. And once that happens they are confused why some one would treat them as a second class person. Also the person who is the Second Choice especially when say its a boy who likes a girl or vice a visa, and that Second Choice never has a chance to get out of thing people call a, Friend Zone. The question is why do us humans do this?Image 


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