Broken Bond

Everyday i wish i was some else, that is why everyday i debate putting a full stop to my health, and i don’t know how no one notices cause i am far form stealth, i was supposed to fall in love but in hate i fell.

Now a days i could never love, i don’t even like it when people give me a hug, cause i just feel to weak when i open up, that is why i never reply when some one asks what is up?

One of the reasons i always joke and laugh, is cause i got messed up written all over my face so its my mask, and so i don’t think or reminisce about my past, so i take my lifestyle off the road and onto the beaten track.

But now i’m so far gone, i forgot which way is right and what way is wrong, plus i never know how to reply when people ask where am i from? They say family is the closest thing but like a bank my family is a broken bond. Image


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