The 90 + 10 Sum

The 90, 10 sum I write about is about the attitude to life equation. What I mean is everybody in this world controls 90 percent of their own lives, and for the other 10 are the effects of other people have on your life. Which means you have more control on your personal attitude on life. It is easier said than dome, however we all chose to feel the emotions we feel, because we out our selves in that situation some way or another. No matter what ever it be. Under drastic circumstances people find this to be hard to believe, but us as humans can only personally decide to get back on our feet and move on with out the negative attitude we were feeling. No one or nothing can do it for us. Which show we are in control on how we feel. Of course it could not be the full 100 percent, because it is an obvious fact that things and people around us having an effect on how we feel. What I am trying to portray here is that we chose how we deal with the out side world more than the out side world deals with us. This may come across as a control freak is writing this. But in all honestly I personally have only had more control on my life and my attitude towards it since I was told the equation of the 90 + 10 sum on life. Image


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