The Writer

Once their was a forty year old man, who on his fortieth birthday was giving a wrapped up shoe box as a present by his close friends and family. Inside the shoe box were objects of his life, as he went through each object individually, each would bring back a memory, from his first zippo lighter what was giving to him by his friend for his eighteenth birthday, as he turned it over he noticed the engraving his friend has put onto the zippo lighter all those years ago, which read, ‘Dreams are for living not just for your pillow,’ which brought a small tear to the man’s eye as he was reminiscing on all the dreams he had a child. The man continued to rummage through the shoe box of memories, finding all different objects such as a picture of his first girl friend which made every body in the room have a little chuckle. As Time went one the kept digging up old memories what brought a mixture of emotions to the table from laughter to small tears, to tears of joy with the feeling of regret. Finally it came down to one object left in the box, and when the man caught his eye onto the object, he sat back in his chair, as if he had forgotten all about the object. It was as if all the repressed memories he had, had suddenly hit a spring board in his mind and rose to the surface at the same time with a long deep breath the man put his hand into the shoe box, to bring out a small black book. Everyone looked at each other with confused blank faces, all saying without words, ‘What is that and how did it get in the shoe box,’ As one of the man’s friends reached out to grab the little black book, apologizing saying, ‘I don’t know how that got in there,’ But the man quickly pulled the little black book and backed it to his chest, which made his friend react by retracting back into his chair, with anticipation and confusion written all over his face wondering what was so important and interesting about the little black book. The Man who was the owner of the book looked up at everyone and said this book is full of all the stories i wrote when i was younger, would you like to hear them…? 



The Million Pound Paper Clip

They told me I was crazy, doing mission impossible, wow they were wrong. This story starts when I was homeless and broke all i had to my name was a paper clip, and this man came up to me and said where are you going to be in five years time, I told him that i’ll be a millionaire, he walked off saying, under his breath, ‘stupid junkie,’ But I carried on with my plan and walked up to many people and asked them to trade my paperclip for a eraser, finally some accepted the trade, so then i went to some else for a pencil and with enough persuasion, i successfully did another trade, and went straight to the next trade what was to get a pen. As time went on i traded the pen for a notebook, then again for a novel, to some headphones, to a mp 3 player to an iPod, to small laptop for a television, then to some high class speakers, then exchanging then for a games console, continuing to a old retro moped, sold to a antique dealer and traded it for an old banger car, with good progress i bumped into the same man who called me a stupid junkie and i said to him, might be less than five years now, as i continued my quest i traded my car for a classic camper van, then traded again for an mobile home, then again for a small part of land, leading to exchange the land for a small house. Selling the house for a small office for an office in the center of town and a bag of children’s toys, then i started selling the toys to people on the street earning a bit of money and i got noticed again by the same man i met around six months ago who called me a junkie. He asked me how my millionaire dream was coming along, so i sat down with him and told my story to him. Then it turned out that he was a business man who ran a sales company and gave me a job in his company because he was impressed with my story, he wanted me to manage a campaign for him, and said i started Monday. Three years later there was a business meeting and the man who hired me asked me to tell me my story on the million pound paper clip as he handed me my Christmas bonus with six figures on the pay slip.

2 am thinking time

So… Here we are, another night where sleep is impossible, where everyone has only one thought on their mind, which is, ‘Why can’t I sleep?’ They’ve tried everything from counting sheep to taking medication. But I have an alliterative I believe that people who can’t sleep and when we look at the clock and it reads 2 am we should get a pen and pad, put on our headphones, with are favorite music on, then stat writing about anything, just let the pen flow, because for the people who try this will come to a cross road it will either make you tired and you will fall asleep or you will be inspired to do something, from creating something and making a plan or you will be inspired to change your lifestyle for the better. It’s a win, win situation. Picture it like this when you use your keys and you really need them you can never find them, but when you don’t need them you find them down the sofa whilst you are watching television. now relating it to the, ‘2 am Thinking Time Theory,’ When your not looking for anything, you find everything, your almost living your dreams, so the awake sleep you could become inspired to achieve greatness. I believe we are at are most focusing ability when we are not focusing on what we actually want. Many great discoveries have been found by accident. Don’t believe me? Next time you can’t sleep and you look at your bedside clock and you see it is 2 am, pick up a pen and pad or log on to your computer and open a word document and either prove me wrong or let the truth unfold right in front of you. The Main reason i believe why we find greatness by accident is because we know what we want or need, so the metaphoric seed is planted in our minds and sometimes the crops what grow produce the unexpected … Just something to think about …

The Price of Free Will

Now a days people think of free will as second nature, and take it for granted, but what would we do if are free will was taken away. Because people just abuse it, however we would be able to have the chance to earn it. So that way we would appreciate our free will.

Paying for it with proving ourselves to some higher power, who control everything in the world. Would that be such a bad thing? Because these days people want everything for nothing, then get angry and blame others when they don’t get anything and everything, say their life so hard. But its the majority of those people who are criminals or people on benefits. 

People who are living in this era can earn more from doing nothing, how can this be allowed, because of a flawed system? Maybe but its those people who complain about the system the most. They’re loop holes in everything so they’re only complaining that they haven’t found them all. 

It is just terrible that people actually look on the government benefit system as a career. I mean if it actually did work the way  it was supposed to, then it would be great helping people get back on their feet. But again people took it for granted and now they are taking it away, your having riots and protest for civil rights.

I remember when people used to come to this country because they wanted to make a life for themselves and work hard and achieve well. But now people come to this country to sponge off the state and bring more criminal activities to this country. Maybe once it was nice to be a multi cultural country now I am starting to have my doubts because people are taking it for granted and it isn’t fair for your average Joe working his fingers to the bone to find out some one is sitting on their lazy ass complaining the government isn’t giving them enough money even though they probably could be earning more than average Joe. 

I Wish

I wish i could be the one you could go to

but i can’t open up because of what I’ve gone through

please never ask for my help because i can’t help you

you think you don’t deserve me but its me who don’t deserve you

You always come to me and say

is it because of the wrong choice i have made

but i always reply with no, i just put you through my pain

it would be wrong of me, cause you already got enough on your plate

You know i have to speak my mind

plus you know i am only honest within my rhymes

your the only one who knows me, that i can’t deny

your perfect in every way your just to nice

You wouldn’t be able to handle my past

and i ain’t going to be the reason to make you sad

i can’t say the three words cause that’s who i am

you probably heard it all before, i’m just a messed up man


But maybe in another time or in another place

or in another life or in another day

i just can’t take part in this game

your more than a piece on a board you should never be playedImage

Broken Bond

Everyday i wish i was some else, that is why everyday i debate putting a full stop to my health, and i don’t know how no one notices cause i am far form stealth, i was supposed to fall in love but in hate i fell.

Now a days i could never love, i don’t even like it when people give me a hug, cause i just feel to weak when i open up, that is why i never reply when some one asks what is up?

One of the reasons i always joke and laugh, is cause i got messed up written all over my face so its my mask, and so i don’t think or reminisce about my past, so i take my lifestyle off the road and onto the beaten track.

But now i’m so far gone, i forgot which way is right and what way is wrong, plus i never know how to reply when people ask where am i from? They say family is the closest thing but like a bank my family is a broken bond. Image

Poem of Words

No words seem to be right

No words am i able to type

One word come to my mind

One word takes me to the light

Two words give me sight

Two words gives a sentence life

Three words gives me inspiration to fight

Three words i can’t say but i can write

Four words i start to like

Four words takes the darkness out of the night

Five words make me feel that i can fly

Five words are enough for this time