The Normal Couple

Creative Writing Piece


About five years ago, there was a normal couple who lived on a normal street. However in the fifth year, the normal couple, who had such a strictly structured life, what were more organised that the weekdays layout. Every day they would leave their house at eight o’clock in the morning, monday to friday and arrive at their house at five o’clock in the evening. Also on the weekend they would always be doing an activity together. So on this fifth year, when everything started to change, they would never leave the house at the same time. And if at least of them returned to their house it would never be together, but on the odd chance they would see one another. /it would be nothing but arguments or accusations, that the male partner from this once normal perfect couple had been cheating on his wife. All the trust they once had was broken, so one day, on the three hundredth day of the year. The women followed her husband around for the day, everything was fine and normal, until the husband walked into this pub basement, somewhere she had never seen before, nonetheless she followed her husband in and took a look on this hidden place in the pub, and found out her significant other had got himself involved with the wrong crowd of people. She witnessed the love of her life, destroying their once perfect life. She took herself out of her hiding place. With this she startled the crowd she had been watching. With a blink of an eye shots were fired, her body was buried, everyone was sworn to secrecy. But the man couldn’t sleep for days, and on the three hundred and sixty third day the police came knocking on his door and arrested him for murder after they showed him pictures of his dead and buried wife, including the weapon used to kill her with. The fingerprints were a perfect match to the husband. One the three hundred and sixty fifth day the man was sent to death row and his last words were, ‘Sins not forgiving, Sins not forgotten,’



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