KFC Life Behind the chicken


To begin this article, I advise the reader to know that i am, writing this on my personal view, i have had experience with, ‘KFC life behind the chicken’ in real life. To begin with i was happy that i had a job, i was finally earning an income again, no matter the wage. It was better than nothing, and because i had this attitude of gratitude towards my job, i did very well, because i did everything asked of me and went the extra mile always. I did this because i want to excel in anything i do, even flipping burgers. As the months went by i started to get credibility from higher up position people, they wanted me to be promoted. However the manger i had had different views, not because i wasn’t good enough, no because i wasn’t performing to the best, it was because he did not want to spend another two pounds an hour to someone. Only because he didn’t want his bonus pay packet of all the money to be saved to be effected, which it would’ve been, which is why i was kept at the lowest role cheapest role avaliable, but made to jobs above my pay grade. If you challenge the system they said they would fire you, one way or another. I took this for about ten months because i was promised promotion many times. Just dangled it in front of me and the closer i got the further they made it. So after this period had happened i started challenging the manger, whilst looking for a new source of income, he did not like this but didn’t have a good counter argument to defend himself. But because i had earned this credibility with the other workers and the higher management he could not fire me, without losing the power of authority with the others in KFC. This went on for another month or two, near the end of my time there the manager hired a new person, who was from the eastern side for the world like himself, the new person was hired at the same position as i, just doing less hours than me to start with, then a sudden not quite  change with my hours being given to the new person and with this i was made to train this new starter, without being told i was training him for a promotion which happened three weeks later. After this had happened it was the last straw and the camels back had be broke. I had a been given a new job interview and succeeded in so and was offered a job with a higher pay packet and promised equality within the workplace, with all of this i still had to give my one weeks notice in. So the following shift i had that afternoon, that is exactly what i did. Surprisingly the manager said ‘Why? I was going to promote you at the next team meeting,’ which was happening on the following weekend, but i had heard it all before, so  i continued with my notice and told him, ‘when you find someone who’s willing to do the work you ask for to a high standard and still go the extra mile, try not take advantages of them and treat them different just because of how they look and where they come from,’ And after that i never had to work for that man again. Now since i left and sometimes go in KFC for some lunch, the people i used to work with keep saying that the manager acts so differently these days, he actually treats us all the same way. However i never get to see the manger now, i do not know why he doesn’t wish to even say hello when i see him in the kitchen out the back, but i am just glad that something good came from the struggle i went through. It ended well for everyone i had a new job where i was paid and respected well for doing what i’ve always done, doing the job to the highest standard and going the extra mile.  


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