Hidden Truths

Creative Writing Poem 


He never wanted to hurt her

It seemed so innocent at the time

Death was a thought that never crossed his mind

Devastated for life from one little white lie

Even today he remember the words from her last breath

To never forgive and never forget


Truth be told

Rightness came with the lie unfold

uncovered evidence the police in their hand they hold

Trusting the guilt will finally take its toll

He pleaded guilty and was sent to death row

Sin not forgiving, sins not forgotten and those were the last words he had told


Cause a planted evil seed

Grows to curiosity and greed

Leading to Anxiety and need

And evil never lets their victims go free


But it is kind at first

Insane in the end

Love was the cure and

Lies made a foe from a friend


The Normal Couple

Creative Writing Piece


About five years ago, there was a normal couple who lived on a normal street. However in the fifth year, the normal couple, who had such a strictly structured life, what were more organised that the weekdays layout. Every day they would leave their house at eight o’clock in the morning, monday to friday and arrive at their house at five o’clock in the evening. Also on the weekend they would always be doing an activity together. So on this fifth year, when everything started to change, they would never leave the house at the same time. And if at least of them returned to their house it would never be together, but on the odd chance they would see one another. /it would be nothing but arguments or accusations, that the male partner from this once normal perfect couple had been cheating on his wife. All the trust they once had was broken, so one day, on the three hundredth day of the year. The women followed her husband around for the day, everything was fine and normal, until the husband walked into this pub basement, somewhere she had never seen before, nonetheless she followed her husband in and took a look on this hidden place in the pub, and found out her significant other had got himself involved with the wrong crowd of people. She witnessed the love of her life, destroying their once perfect life. She took herself out of her hiding place. With this she startled the crowd she had been watching. With a blink of an eye shots were fired, her body was buried, everyone was sworn to secrecy. But the man couldn’t sleep for days, and on the three hundred and sixty third day the police came knocking on his door and arrested him for murder after they showed him pictures of his dead and buried wife, including the weapon used to kill her with. The fingerprints were a perfect match to the husband. One the three hundred and sixty fifth day the man was sent to death row and his last words were, ‘Sins not forgiving, Sins not forgotten,’


KFC Life Behind the chicken


To begin this article, I advise the reader to know that i am, writing this on my personal view, i have had experience with, ‘KFC life behind the chicken’ in real life. To begin with i was happy that i had a job, i was finally earning an income again, no matter the wage. It was better than nothing, and because i had this attitude of gratitude towards my job, i did very well, because i did everything asked of me and went the extra mile always. I did this because i want to excel in anything i do, even flipping burgers. As the months went by i started to get credibility from higher up position people, they wanted me to be promoted. However the manger i had had different views, not because i wasn’t good enough, no because i wasn’t performing to the best, it was because he did not want to spend another two pounds an hour to someone. Only because he didn’t want his bonus pay packet of all the money to be saved to be effected, which it would’ve been, which is why i was kept at the lowest role cheapest role avaliable, but made to jobs above my pay grade. If you challenge the system they said they would fire you, one way or another. I took this for about ten months because i was promised promotion many times. Just dangled it in front of me and the closer i got the further they made it. So after this period had happened i started challenging the manger, whilst looking for a new source of income, he did not like this but didn’t have a good counter argument to defend himself. But because i had earned this credibility with the other workers and the higher management he could not fire me, without losing the power of authority with the others in KFC. This went on for another month or two, near the end of my time there the manager hired a new person, who was from the eastern side for the world like himself, the new person was hired at the same position as i, just doing less hours than me to start with, then a sudden not quite  change with my hours being given to the new person and with this i was made to train this new starter, without being told i was training him for a promotion which happened three weeks later. After this had happened it was the last straw and the camels back had be broke. I had a been given a new job interview and succeeded in so and was offered a job with a higher pay packet and promised equality within the workplace, with all of this i still had to give my one weeks notice in. So the following shift i had that afternoon, that is exactly what i did. Surprisingly the manager said ‘Why? I was going to promote you at the next team meeting,’ which was happening on the following weekend, but i had heard it all before, so  i continued with my notice and told him, ‘when you find someone who’s willing to do the work you ask for to a high standard and still go the extra mile, try not take advantages of them and treat them different just because of how they look and where they come from,’ And after that i never had to work for that man again. Now since i left and sometimes go in KFC for some lunch, the people i used to work with keep saying that the manager acts so differently these days, he actually treats us all the same way. However i never get to see the manger now, i do not know why he doesn’t wish to even say hello when i see him in the kitchen out the back, but i am just glad that something good came from the struggle i went through. It ended well for everyone i had a new job where i was paid and respected well for doing what i’ve always done, doing the job to the highest standard and going the extra mile.  

Score Generating System

SGS Filton College

What do i mean by this with the change of the SGS meaning? Simply i mean that this ‘College’ that promotes good education with its ‘amazing’ high scores, is hidden a secret. The secret is that they have looked at the government grant system,

and have decided that the best way to increase their pay packets is by increasing the high scores by, cutting the weak from the herd at the beginning, so that they have the best grades with students. Which makes them ‘stand out from the crowd’ with the government looking at them, and seeing that this college has a great education system and is producing highly educated pupils, which will only entail a bigger cheque for the college. With this payment they will say that they will, spend it on improving the equipment in the college to help further improve their education for the students, which is partially true. However with this amazingly the teacher will receive a pay rise, and if found out will state it helps the teachers work harder. But doesn’t this sound more like a business rather than a pure education system. Surely this perfect world they are offering must have a catch? Well yes is does. The catch is that students who take a little longer to blossom with the learning process are restricted in the world. How is this? Well with the previous statement i made about, ‘cutting the weak out the herd’ comes into play, students who may look weak and not achieving high grades at the start are kicked out there lesson even before the first term is up. Is this fair? There is two ways of looking on this, firstly in a way yes it removes the ‘trouble makers’ from the classes, making it easier to learn for the students who want to achieve high grades and pass their A levels. But on the other hand, it comes back to the point i earlier made with students taking longer to ‘blossom’ than others are misjudged by the teachers who have changed their true priorities which used to be teaching every pupil so that they can achieve the highest grade they possibly can, instead now there priorities now are high statistics, equals higher pay packet. Is this right? Should it be allowed? If so. How can you prove it is wrong? How do you diss allow something that is accepted by the highest legal power, the government. Maybe students should start looking at this at its face value and read between the lines and see that all they are in the ‘teachers’ eyes are big cheques waiting to be cashed. But I must say this is not all teachers, because with ying there is yang, so with corrupt teachers there is some pure ones left out there, but because they are the minority like any situation their voice can not be heard. Leading them to be stereotyped as the corrupt teachers. Which is also unfair. But i will try to end this article with a silver lining send off. Even though all this is going on right under our nose, right in front of our faces. It is preparing all of us for the real world. The real world is exactly this, unfortunately the people who are supposed to encourage students to make the world a better place, are actually doing the opposite. But because of this corruption it will make the weak stronger, than confused wiser and the forgotten ones remembered. There is still hope in pandoras box and in yours let it out, speak up, get your voice heard. Because when one door closes another one opens. This is ~The Underground Project~ a source that provides the truth within the lies we are constantly brainwashed with. This is just someone anonymous telling someone else that they should not give up. Do not throw in the towel. Just dust yourself off and try again. Perseverance is the best quality anyone could have. This is not the end. This is just the beginning.