Post Number One

Today my faith in humanity was restored. As last night i was invited to my step-sisters 17th birthday party, and as i turned up a little bit late, because i was at work in a different shop, so it took me a little longer to get to Yate. So after i finally arrived most people were drunk and even some were passed out. At this point i didn’t see much of a point on being there, however i did bring a couple of bottles of beer with me, so i figured i might as well stay and see how it goes. So after i got talking to some people, things started to pick up and with that i finished off my beers and got giving other peoples drink as well, so you could say that i did well to catch up with everyone else. Anyway as time went on me and some people went out for a little bit to chill and say are goodbyes, but before we left everyone, we sat down on the grass for a cigarette and a little bit more to drink and with some time from right then and the next morning i had some how miss placed my phone and wallet. As only a couple of weeks ago i had my old phone mugged from me, when i got this new one i made sure it was insured but still i was losing my mind trying to find it. So i got my other step-sister to ring my phone and that is when it happened. Some one had answered my phone and told my step-sister that he had my phone and wallet! and was about to look me up on face book using my driven licence and tell me he had my wallet and phone, however because i had been able to contact him i was able to pick up my phone and wallet right there and then. Couldn’t believe my luck.