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Sometimes it not what people say that matters instead its what they don’t say


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We live in a time where you can buy anything on-line from a pizza to a wife and the list is never ending, will it ever end?

Sheriff’s Officer Shot, Wounded In Paterson, N.J.

CBS New York

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — An off-duty Essex County Sheriff’s officer and a second person were wounded early Sunday in a shooting in Paterson, N.J.

Paterson police confirmed to 1010 WINS that the officer and the other victim were hit by gunfire around 1:30 a.m. Sunday outside El Eden Liquors, on Straight Street in Paterson.

Officer Oneil Peart was reported in stable condition, according to a Paterson Press report. He was armed at the time, but was injured to the point where he could not return fire, police told the newspaper.

The second victim, 22, was shot in the neck, the newspaper reported. That victim was reported in stable condition at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, the paper reported.

Information about Peart’s condition or where he was wounded on his body was not available Sunday afternoon.

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NEW YORK (Bronx) — Police confirm that a Metro-North passenger train has derailed in the Bronx.  A woman at the scene says numerous emergency vehicles have responded.



Police sources told NBC and the New York Daily News that at least four people died after the commuter train headed towards Grand Central derailed around 7:20 AM.

The FDNY confirmed the 4 deaths in a press conference. They also said that at least 67 people were injured, 11 seriously. Of the 4 people killed, 3 were thrown from the train after it derailed.

According to News 12, several passengers were taken away on stretchers. The FDNY said that all of the injured people were in stable condition.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo later arrived on the scene and thanked first responders for their quick action. The NYPD estimated that about 100 people were on the train, which was scheduled to arrive…

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Essay on An examination of both tabloid and broadsheet representation of Britain’s current position in the European Union.

This essay is discussing and researching five major newspapers and how they touch upon the situation of Britain staying in or leaving the european union. This will include newspapers such as; The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail and The Sun. Also within the chosen newspapers one has selected two right wing, two left wing and one neutral political newspapers. Furthermore shall go into detail about the text the individual newspaper has used and what effect that may have on the reader.


The first newspaper investigated is ‘The Guardian’  who is a left wing newspaper, so this would entail that this newspaper would want Britain to stay in the european union. Also they would talk a negative manner about the current prime minister David Cameron because he is a

right wing conservative, who is the political side who fighting the case to exclude Britain from the european union.  

‘Britain must stay in EU, says business lobby group’


‘David Cameron has promised to put Britain’s EU membership to a vote in 2017. The referendum has caused huge controversy inside the Tory party, which is split between those MPs who are pushing the prime minister for a vote before the 2015 election and a faction led by the former chancellor Ken Clarke, who has described the vote as silly and reckless.’


This is quotation from the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ demonstrating the initial point that they are not in favour on the right winged prime minister decision. With the combination of words in the first quote is stating that if Britain want to stay financially powerful they must stay in the european union this is shown because the statement is stated by business lobby group, which signifies to the reader that business means making money and if Britain stay in the european union there will not be any. The second quote is firstly mocking the conservative prime minister David Cameron by using a former chancellor Ken Clarke to describe the vote as silly and reckless, which is not showing that this newspaper is not in favour of leaving the european union.


The second newspaper researched is ‘The Independent’ which is a neutral newspaper in the political world, which is means they are unbiased with political issues and situation and just have open statements on current situations. However even neutral newspapers can swing either to the right or left wing side, normally they will go with whatever side that will sell more copies of their newspaper or how they feel about the current issues will reflect on how they act upon it with their titles and article’s. Furthermore the certain words this article contains such as ‘Promised’ with that being the initial start shows that they have lack of faith with the policies that the conservative have introduced also the use of the adjectives, ‘huge’ ‘silly and reckless’ to exaggerate the situation to make their audience agree with their opinion of the current affair.


‘Britain must stay in the European Union, says CBI’

‘A survey found that eight out of 10 CBI members, including 77 percent of small and medium-sized firms, said they would vote for Britain to remain in the EU if the referendum was held tomorrow.’


The first quote shows that in this particular case this neutral newspaper is slightly on the left wing side by telling their readers that Britain must stay in the european union and backing up their statement with small and medium sized firms would vote for britain to stay in the european union this text’s show that their target audience is middle and working class because they also include a well powered film the ‘CBI’ This newspaper is very similar to the guardian with this current affair, which portrays the fact this paper is definitely on the left winged side for this issue. As well the use adjectives used within this quote, ‘medium-sized firms’ shows the describing technique they are trying to use to show evidence for their opinion and view on the current affair.


Thirdly the ‘Daily Mail’ which is a right wing newspaper, which would be in favour of the as it is a conservative choice european union. So the text within this newspaper would be all positive about the current situation and would try to persuade their readers to agree with the conservative choice.


‘’JFK would want Britain to stay in the EU’: David Miliband’s bizarre claim that assassinated US president would back Brussels’


‘Delivering the Kennedy Memorial Lecture last night, Mr Miliband said JFK – a distant relation of former Tory Prime Minister Harold Macmillan – had a ‘deep affection’ for Britain’


This quotation includes the adjective ‘bizarre’ it portrays the fact that David Miliband claim is irrational in the eyes of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mail follows up with writing with another adjective ‘deep affection’ elaborating on the fact that the Daily Mail is a right wing paper and disagrees with Davids Miliband’s suggesting proves the point i previously stated about the ‘Daily Mail’ supporting the conservative party, by referencing an iconic powerful man and telling the country that he would do the same if he were in the prime minister’s shoes for this situation.


The penultimate newspaper i have researched is ‘The Telegraph’ which is known to be a left wing newspaper, so inevitably they would be against the current power which is the right winged conservatives, so within the text that they use within their paper would be trying to persuade their readers to vote to stay in the european union.

‘Japan warns Britain to stay in the EU’

‘Japan has warned Britain to stay in the European Union, hinting that tens of thousands of jobs could be under threat if it leaves’


The first quote chosen is a very powerful headline, this is shown with the words ‘Japan warns’ just these two combination of words and the use of an adjective shows, however the words separately can be seen differently for instance the word, ‘Japan’ alone is a noun because it is a place also the word, ‘Warns’ on its own is an emotional verb.. That this newspaper is left winged and are using an intimidating technique to scare people to vote for Britain to stay in the european union, with the use of a superpower is a great way to influence and manipulate their readers into doing what they believe is the correct choice. The second quotation gives evidence for the headline that ‘The Telegraph’ used again trying to intimidate their readers explaining if Britain leaves the european union that many people will lose their jobs, and with the current climate that is more than a good enough reason for people to vote in their favour. This also shows that this newspaper strongly disagrees with the right winged ways and policies that they have put into place, with such a strong message this will make their readers believe that the conservatives are making the incorrect choice.       

My final point researched will be on a right wing, conservative party, newspaper ‘The Sun’ this newspaper’s audience is generally aimed at the working class and with this article is using a similar approach to persuade and explain their feelings on the current affair as ‘The Telegraph’ with the superpower warning shot technique of fear.

‘Obama fired a warning shot yesterday over plans for a referendum on Britain’s future in Europe’


‘A senior figure in his administration declared that Washington does not want the UK to quit’

The first quote explains the point previously made within the introduction of this newspaper, ‘The Sun’ once again this media source is taking a very powerful country and man, also with the metaphor used ‘fired a warning shot’ shows the aggression and importance that this newspaper is trying to explain to their audience, as well to defend their statement which is to leave the european union, but this statement is slightly different in a way compared to ‘The Telegraph’ because there is more depth in the warning, with the use of it already being fired and indulging on the

future of Britain, this will create confidence with this papers reader to vote against staying in the european union as most of the readers are to right winged. Furthermore the second quote once again is a back wall to the first, by going into more depth and using certain grammar to explain their point for example ‘Senior’ this to is an adjective to exaggerate the point of view this newspaper is trying to make also it is looked upon as someone who is the authority and in control overall knows what they are talking about, as well this statement is showing that America one of the worlds most powerful states in the world believes that Britain should leave the european union for the better of the country, which is a great persuasive technique used to influence this papers readers. Finally my last point is to explain why this text includes the word ‘declared’ this is a formal verb and means aggressively announcing by stating their opinion in a forceful manner.

To conclude this essay, it is believed to be have shown and discussed how that different newspapers with different political views can have an influence with their readers. Also the different techniques that these newspapers use enabling them to express their point that they are trying to create and also make their readers think and consider their views and hopefully agree with them for the better of the newspapers and their sales. Because all in all they are making stories that people must want to read but they have to construct their words in such away that gets their feeling across as well as attracting people to purchase and read their stories.